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  • Lean in Girls Leadership Program

    At the heart of Lean In Girls is a leadership curriculum for girls and young teens who identify with the girlhood experience (ages 11 to 15). With a balance of strength-building activities and real talk on important topics like bias and allyship, participants learn to embrace their leadership superpowers and reject limiting stereotypes about what girls can’t do.

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  • Dove Body Confident Sport Program

    45% of girls quit sports by age 14 due to low body confidence. That’s why Dove has teamed up with Nike to launch the Body Confident Sport program, a scientifically proven set of coaching tools to build body confidence in girls ages 11-17.

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  • She Is Active
    Gender Equity Policy Webinar

    This webinar, presented by She is Active, looks at the specifics of gender equity, including the benefits and the differences between equality and equity. The webinar also goes through Canadian Women and Sport’s Gender Equity Policy Template and Implementation Guide, providing suggestions on how to adopt a gender equity policy in your organization. Please note […]

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  • CPRA: Gender Equity in Recreational Sport Webinars

    Together with Canadian Women & Sport, CPRA has developed a series of educational workshops that focus on increasing the participation and retention of girls and women in recreational sport.

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  • Moving the Needle: Building Inclusive Recreation and Sport Communities for Women and Girls

    Are you interested, or currently working on gender equity in sport, physical activity and recreation? Register for CPRA's webinars! There will be multiple Open Forum Fridays starting from November 3rd 2023 until March 15th 2024, where like minded individuals can come together and discuss their successes, challenges and ideas for the field. Check out more about the Friday Forums, as well as other CPRA opportunities, below!

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  • Gender-based Analysis Plus

    Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus) is an analytical tool used to support the development of responsive and inclusive policies, programs, and other initiatives. GBA Plus is a process for understanding who is impacted by the issue or opportunity being addressed by the initiative; identifying how the initiative could be tailored to meet diverse needs of the people most impacted; and anticipating and mitigating any barriers to accessing or benefitting from the initiative.

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