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She is Active NB strives to create a centralized hub for resources and best practices. Here you will find educational resources, training information, and funding opportunities. 

  • Fitspirit x FÉÉPEQ: Factsheets for Physical Education Teachers

    In collaboration with the FÉÉPEQ, Fitspirit has created a guide for teachers, which aims to provide them with solutions to better engage girls in physical education courses.

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  • Fitspirit: A Podcast for Parents of Teens

    FitSpirit has brought together experts, sports enthusiasts and public personalities to discuss physical activity participation among adolescent girls. Listen to their tips and tricks below!

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  • Fitspirit Well-being Program

    Fitspirit's Well-being Program, powered by Beneva, provides adolescent girls with tools and resources to deal with stress and anxiety.

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  • Canadian Women and Sport
    It’s Time: Unlocking the Power of Pro Women’s Sports

    This first-of-its-kind research from Canadian Women & Sport illustrates the tremendous value- current and potential- that fans of women’s sports in Canada represent for all manner of sport business.

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  • Lean in Girls Leadership Program

    At the heart of Lean In Girls is a leadership curriculum for girls and young teens who identify with the girlhood experience (ages 11 to 15). With a balance of strength-building activities and real talk on important topics like bias and allyship, participants learn to embrace their leadership superpowers and reject limiting stereotypes about what girls can’t do.

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  • Dove Body Confident Sport Program

    45% of girls quit sports by age 14 due to low body confidence. That’s why Dove has teamed up with Nike to launch the Body Confident Sport program, a scientifically proven set of coaching tools to build body confidence in girls ages 11-17.

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