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Trainer and Coach

What activities do you participate in to stay active? 

Fit Garage Assault: functional training, running, obstacle courses, etc.

I usually train on my own or with my husband, but I’m inspired by an amazing group!

How does being active make you feel and why is it important to you? 

For my overall health! Being active is part of a healthy lifestyle. Moving is part of life and when we stop, we die a slow death. There is no miracle pill but there is the miracle of life. Positive results always result from a bit of discomfort!

How do you implement being active into your busy schedule?

It is part of my daily schedule, just like sleeping, eating, taking care of myself, or showering – there’s no BUT about it! My recipe for happiness includes exercise, period! However, there are many other solutions when we’re determined to find them!

What barriers have you faced or are you currently facing when it comes to being active? 

At one point in my life, my role as a mom became that of a nurse, therapist, and companion. By overcoming these obstacles, I became more focused and more disciplined.

What motivates you to continue to be active? 

My will to age well and stay young for a VERY long time! I can’t imagine my oldest son having to go without his dad and me to support him (he is severely disabled). I also love to see the spark in my younger son’s eyes when I get to be active with him! He says I’m a ‘cool mom!’ And, of course, my athletes! They are the reason why I am so passionate about my work and they are so inspiring. Each one of them ignites a new spark in me. When I’m lacking motivation, I always think of them. Despite their busy lives, they always show up and I am very grateful for their confidence in me.

All these people are my reasons for never giving up!

Do you have a role model and/or would you consider yourself to be a role model to others?

As I mentioned, my athletes, but also my partner. He has a bit of a mysterious side, which makes him stubborn but also very brave. He isn’t afraid of anything because he has already faced all his fears (or almost all of them). He makes everything less stressful. We make a great team!

I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you! This initiative means everything to me and my family!