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Registered Nurse

What activities do you participate in to stay active? 

I do a bit of everything, but I mostly like different types of biking! I am a spin coach at the Wellness Shack and I love mountain biking, especially downhill. I also do road biking, running, and swimming and have completed a triathlon. I also enjoy hiking, trail running, and doing CrossFit at LeShed.

How does being active make you feel and why is it important to you? 

Sport is important for my mental and physical health, and I think that sometimes we have to focus on ourselves.  The physical side helps me in my work as a nurse, whether it’s moving my patients around or even saving a life by doing CPR. On the mental health side, sport is mainly my way to escape from the stress of life and work.

How do you implement being active into your busy schedule?

I integrate being active into any free time that I have. Even sometimes before my day or night shifts as it gives me the energy to get through my shift.

What barriers have you faced or are you currently facing when it comes to being active? 

Nutrition, as I need to make sure that I have enough calories and protein to give me energy all throughout the day.

What motivates you to continue to be active? 

I like the flexibility that physical activity allows. For example, if I challenge myself to climb a mountain tomorrow, I know that I can do it. I am prepared for all the adventures and challenges that come my way.

Do you have a role model and/or would you consider yourself to be a role model to others?

My partner Hugo, as he inspires and motivates me daily. We make a great team.

I am proud to be active and I hope to inspire others! It is never too late to be active and you can do it at any age.