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Sport & Recreation Consultant, GNB 

What activities do you participate in to stay active? 

Mountain Biking. Cross Country skiing and hiking/walking. Getting back to my volleyball roots coaching a 14U boys team this Fall. 

How does being active make you feel and why is it important to you? 

I am active for both my physical and mental health. I have not once regretted being active. It’s fun and releases stress! 

How do you implement being active into your busy schedule?

Admittedly not very well but joining organized groups helps. The “Freddy Tacos Who Shred” do a ride every Tuesday which I try my best to join. I also try to walk during my sons practices and with 2 active sons, our family keeps busy playing various sports at home. 

What barriers have you faced or are you currently facing when it comes to being active? 

A back injury is preventing me from running or playing the sports I used to play (volleyball & soccer) but it has also provided me the opportunity to discover a new sport that I enjoy (mountain biking). 

What motivates you to continue to be active? 

Knowing how great I will feel after being active. I’m also pretty competitive! Playing sports or challenging myself in individual activities is a great way to satisfy that competitive edge. 

Do you have a role model and/or would you consider yourself to be a role model to others?

My mother was very active with us when we were growing up. Even now with a serious heart condition that would see most people become very sedentary she surpasses expectations and continues to walk and do exercises on a daily basis. 

Thank you She is Active NB for the work you do to keep women and girls active.